2D and 3D Mapping

Mapping. 2D/3D maps create a precise map from aerial images, and it gives a result that does not look like the type of map you would find online or buy at a gas station. This type of map is an accurate, real-time picture of the terrain which includes all buildings and other natural components of the terrain.

This mapping gives a sense of size and depth. It is also combined with other information, like thermographic data or industry-specific data to make a useful tool.

  • These maps are also interactive and allow the end-user to:
  • See the area as it is currently seen
  • Get accurate measurements of items on the map
  • See elevations as well as plant health plus other data.

What industries benefit from aerial mapping?

Roofing Companies

HVAC Companies


Real Estate Agents – Residential and Commercial


Landscape Architects

Real Estate Developers

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