3 Profitable Ways to Use Drone Photography and Video

As of of January 2021 there were 1,782,479 drones registered in the United States by the FAA. Of those 71% were for recreational purposes and the FAA has awarded 208,010 remote pilot certificates.

Today we’d like to talk about the commercial uses for drone photography and video. The first use of drones was with the military but the commercial uses for drones are expanding rapidly, and a licensed, experienced drone operator with high end equipment can achieve remarkable results. Let’s get started!

Aerial Video and Photography

Prior to drones, capturing video or photos from an aerial perspective involved the use of expensive cranes or the rental of helicopters. As a result, most footage you would see from the air was in the movie industry or very high end commercial videos. The advent of drones has changes all of that. From independent films to budget corporate promos to real estate and development, qualified drone operators are collecting spectacular footage. A talented operator can track action scenes and high speed auto chases capturing high definition video.

Even in lower budget corporate videos and commercials you can grab tghe attention of viewers and leave a lasting impression – making your good video or film even better. Outside of the wow factor, viewers are oriented toward the visual, and when you see something from a different perspective it differentiates your video or photo from the competition. You just “see” more from an aerial perspective.

In photography the bird’s eye view of an area or subject is unique. For an upscale home for sale or a building development the property can be highlighted in spectacular ways. It can make a listing really stand out. For businesses, you can showcase your location, size and nearness to places of interest. If you own a facility like a local brewery aerial photos can lure customers to your site to take a tour. Instead of hearing about your restaurant’s or shop’s convenience, potential customers can visualize your location. It makes you memorable.

GEO Mapping

Drones can acquire extremely high resolution images and data in inaccessible or difficult to reach areas. Geographic Mapping can help users understand patterns, relationships and geographic “context.”  From visualizing property boundaries to locating geographic information like utilities or roadways, aerial mapping can show a wealth of information in an interactive way.

Tracking and managing infrastrucure and asset management becomes a much easier task. For land owners looing for exact boundaries, especially in smaller towns, GEO Mapping can give a geographically precise parcel map to show accurate ownership.

People are visual and clear, intuitive maps are extremely useful for decision making. Show your data to viewers in an easily understood way.

Real Estate and Safety Inspections

Some businesses must carry out regular safety inspections of their infrastructure. Rather than having the time commitment and safety issues involved in having inspectors on the ground, drones can survey infrastructure easily. From power lines, to pipelines, bridges and buildings, they can carry out inspections in an efficient, safe and time-saving manner.

For commercial and residential roofers, drones can speed up the process of the roof inspection significantly and eliminate any danger of falling or, in the case of damaged, deteriorating roofing, having an inspector fall through a rotted section of roofing – always a concern in older buildings.

Drones can capture very detailed images or thermal images of construction, saving your time and money while improving safety.

Contact us today for a quote on using drone video or photography for your next project. We’re here to help!

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