Can I Shoot Down a Drone Over My Property?

Firearms, Drones and FAA registrations. There has been a lot of buzz/news about individuals threatening to shoot down a drone. Often it’s connected with the suspicion that someone is using a drone to spy on you.

With companies like Amazon and Walmart testing this concept as a viable service, drones are not only starting to be more visible in the news but in the sky’s as well.

It is commonly thought that you can shoot down a drone if it flies over your property. This misconception is far from the truth. Even if a drone is involved in illegal activity, say electronic voyeurism (which is a felony in GA), you would still need to contact your local law enforcement agency to let them handle it.

If you were to shoot down that same drone, then YOU would be guilty of a felony but this time at the federal level since the FAA views shooting at a drone the same as shooting at ANY federally- registered aircraft, manned or not.

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