Drone Photography and Video for Real Estate Agents

Drone perspective of landscape country

Until recently, drone photography for real estate was a marketing tool that was limited to real estate agents that were showcasing high-end luxury homes. That’s changing however, and using UAS (unmanned aircraft systems) to obtain aerial shots of a home, it’s features and property is much more affordable. It is a tremendous marketing tool and differentiator when selling a home.

MLS statistics tell us that properties that use aerial images in their marketing are a whopping 68% more likely to sell quickly. That number will only increase as time goes by.

What can you show with drone photography and video that you can’t with ground photography? For one, the neighborhood and any amenities like parks or neighborhood recreation areas. If the roof is in great shape you can show that as well as “the lay of the land” regarding the property.

For the Real Estate Agent, it can help build your personal brand and help set you apart from other agents. Using aerial footage immediately sets you apart from the other agents vying to sell properties in your area.

Especially for properties with acreage or ponds and water features, an aerial viewpoint can go a long way in accentuating the positive features of a property.

Mermaid Hunter Photography and Drone Services gives you access to an experienced real estate drone pilot with certification, top notch equipment and the skills to put together a beautifully edited video and/or set of aerial still photos that can make the difference between a house selling quickly or remaining on the market for weeks or months.

Contact us today for a quote on your next home sale! You’ll be glad you did.

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