How Has the Pandemic Impacted Drone Video and Photography?

Drone from underneath

Covid-19 has had a dramatic impact on small business worldwide. A number of industries from hospitality, to restaurants, and tourism were hit especially hard. The movie industry came to a grinding halt. In contrast, interest in drones and drone video and photography has increased over the past year and a half.

From the time Covid-19 was declared a global pandemic in March of 2020, people with time on their hands and hobbyists expressed interest in and began purchasing recreational drones.

For licensed commercial drone operators, we’ve seen a big uptick in new opportunities and applications for drone video and photography. Everyone is aware of the use of drones in films and TV, weddings, and nature photography, but where the real growth has occurred is in new fields and is sometimes driven by pandemic related concerns.

The use of drones in industrial inspections is skyrocketing. Security applications have placed a strong demand on qualified operators, including its use for surveillance by police forces.

Another industry that has expanded greatly due to the pandemic is online ordering and home delivery and this has led to explosive growth in the use of drones for delivery. Emergency rescue and public service response has learned that drones, especially with thermo-imaging capability, can literally be life-saving.  The agriculture industry has also learned that drones can save them time and money.

GEO Mapping and enterprising has grown remarkably in 2020 and 2021, along with the use of sophisticated software to adapt footage for new uses.

Direct uses related to the pandemic include of course the delivery of packages or supplies, but remote inspections of commercial buildings, structures, power lines and other surveys reducing the potential exposure of employees and service personnel to viruses. Ispection projects that once took a dozen or more workers can now be accomplished with a single qualified drone operator. The result is increased safety as well as cost savings.

When we are on the other side of this pandemic, we’ll see many, if not all, of these new applications become standard operating procedure. There have been significant changes in FAA rules ;and regulations as well to allow for more ingenuity and wider application of the technolgies. (Check out our blog on recent rule changes here.)

The world has discovered that drones are safe, efficient and add to productivity. Expect to see their usage to grow further and expand in to more areas post-pandemic.

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