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Drones can play an important role in project presentation and promotion for landscapers, as it is a tool that allows landscapers to see an entire setting in context within a continuous moving image.

Drones can also help you assess the safety of jobsites and check the effectiveness of irrigation and other practices.

Drones can also be used by landscapers to collect unique aerial project photographs and videos. So far, the most popular uses for drones in landscaping has been for promotional purposes.But they can also provide real time videos and photos of projects in process, site surveying and modeling. They help landscapers capture an entirely different vantage point and produce stunning results, which could end up helping out with your sales and marketing approach.

Drones: Go-to Tech for Accident Data

The next job always comes from the last job, and photos have a lot to do with that. With a drone, you can get views that aren’t possible with a regular camera.

Drone videos and photographs also come in handy when used as design tools.

From a design standpoint, landscape architects are used to working from a plot view. They draw it as though they’re seeing it from space, but before drones they were never actually looking at the projects that way. The drone gives us a whole new perspective during the design phase and throughout its construction as well.

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