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Interior Photography, Drone Photography and Drone Video

For Real Estate Agents and Developers, Atlanta and Georgia are highly competitive markets. You have to differentiate yourself from your competitors. One of the best ways to do that is with top-notch real estate photography, video, and drone photography.

For the best service and stellar results, contact Mermaid Hunter® Photography and Drone Services for your next Real Estate showing.

Elevate Your Real Estate Photography Experience with a 360 Tour

Unlock a new dimension of photography with our innovative use of drones. We seamlessly integrate aerial technology to capture breathtaking images and videos that will leave buyers in awe. 

Our skilled team of photographers and drone pilots work in harmony, leveraging the unique capabilities of drones to take your photography experience to new heights. 

Whether you’re looking for stunning aerial landscapes, dynamic action shots, or captivating event coverage, our drone photography services deliver unrivaled perspectives that traditional photography simply cannot match.

Initial Contact

Where we'll take the time to understand your unique needs and find the best approach for your project.

Sign Agreement

We'll discuss and sign agreements, ensuring a clear understanding of expectations and deliverables.

Schedule Your Photoshoot

Finally, we'll schedule your photoshoot, marking the beginning of our collaboration to capture the essence of your project.

Precision Image Editing

We understand the importance of flawless image editing in bringing your vision to life.

Our team of skilled editors meticulously fine-tune every detail of your photographs, ensuring the highest level of precision and attention to detail.

To ensure your utmost satisfaction, we offer up to two free edits, allowing you to actively collaborate with our experts and make adjustments until you are completely happy with the final result.


Stunning Aerial Perspectives

Drone photography allows potential buyers to view the property from unique angles, capturing the entire property and its surroundings in a single shot.

This provides a comprehensive overview, highlighting the property’s size, layout, landscaping, and nearby amenities.

Stand Out in the Market

In a crowded real estate market, visually captivating images attract more attention and generate increased interest.

By offering a visually immersive experience, potential buyers are more likely to engage with your listing, leading to higher engagement and a greater chance of securing a sale.

Increased Online Visibility

Eye-catching images generated through drone photography and high-quality editing can significantly improve the online visibility of your property.

When listings stand out visually, they are more likely to be clicked on and shared across various platforms and social media.

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