Slip and Fall Cases are Hard to Win – Photography Helps

Often, individuals make the assumption after they’ve had an accident that they should have been more careful and the incident was “their fault.” If an individual has had a bad fall, and acknowledged that a third party, either an individual or a business, is responsible for their injuries, their first step should be to contact a lawyer that has experience in slip and fall cases.

What personal injury attorneys know, is that these cases can be, by nature, complex. Once the defendant has been served notice, they will often retain their own attorney. There are also the insurance company defense attorneys who will argue that the plaintiff was to blame for their clumsiness or carelessness.

For the case to have a chance of success, the earlier the slip and fall attorney can get started, the better. They will need evidence to counter what the plaintiff’s attorneys and insurance companies bring to the case.

Ideally, the victim in a slip and fall contacts an attorney the same day as the accident so they can begin collecting evidence. That evidence can include, of course, any police reports or hospital records and notes as well as any eyewitness testimony. It can include maintenance records or notes from safety inspectors if the accident occurred in or near a commercial facility.

Even the condition of the plaintiff’s shoes can be considered evidence, but the most important evidence is often photography and video.

Obtaining professional, clear, well composed and well-lit photos from a photographer, or video from a videographer, showing the condition of the property the day of the accident can be just what is needed to prove liability. In these cases, there is no such thing as too many photographs or videos from a variety of distances and viewpoints.

On occasion, CCTV security cameras at nearby stores or the defendant’s property can provide convincing evidence. Especially if they capture the accident itself. Attorneys can deliver a letter of spoliation to the defendants in a timely manner which orders them to preserve any CCTV footage until copies are provided to the attorney.

Even then, these images may be blurry or poorly lit. In these cases, an experienced video editor can often enhance the clarity of the video footage without altering the content. In some cases, this can be the evidence that wins the cases.

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