Unforseen Hazards and Drones

Objects can cause unforeseen hazards that can cause potential safety issues if not properly identified beforehand. One such potential hazard is cables that are barely visible from the air until you’re on top of them.

Another unforeseen hazard is birds. Some birds see the drones as a threat or prey and try to drive it off or attack it. There isn’t much you can do but try and bring the drone down safely. In Georgia there are numerous birds like this to avoid.

Trained Visual observers are a vital role in the safe flight of drones and are essential to safety. Visual Observers do not need to be a licensed pilot but when acting in this role, must always keep a line of unaided sight (no binoculars) to ensure such hazards are seen before an accident occurs.

There is a great deal that can go wrong when operating a drone, and hiring an experienced operator that understands the potential hazards, how to operate a drone safely, and how to get great photographs and videos should be your goal in any project of this nature.

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